Families Against Chemical Toxins (FACT) educates consumers about dangerous toxins present in everyday products and advocates for protecting children against toxic chemical and lead exposures.  

FACT: Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals are present in thousands of everyday products and are linked to ADHD, reproductive disorders, and altered metabolism disorders.


FACT: There is no "safe" level of lead exposure in children.


FACT: Children are exposed to lead in school drinking water in all parts of the United States.


FACT: Consumers must be their own advocates and protect their families from chemical toxins.


MISSION: FACT is a resource for consumers to learn about the dangers of toxic chemicals in everyday products and lead exposure.  FACT assists individuals and families to identify healthy, non-toxic practices and products available for purchase through guides to reduce chemical exposure.  Our goal is to raise awareness of toxic chemical exposure and advocate for lead free drinking water.  Advocacy comes in many forms, we plan to work closely with local communities to encourage schools to test their drinking water and publish results to the community.