Our Story

FACT started in our home a few months after our first son was born.  I was researching Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and found that there was no single website that provided information and straight-forward guidance on how to decrease my family’s exposure to these dangerous chemicals.  Although there are many informative and useful websites on this subject (many of which I used to develop this website), it took quite a bit of time to find and gather the information I needed.  FACT solves this problem by providing consumers with both in-depth information and comprehensive guidance in one place. 

The inspiration for FACT began when I first became pregnant.  My husband (already aware of the dangers of chemicals in our environment) took inventory of everything that I put on my body and researched alternative products that do not contain EDCs.  At first I was surprised that this could even be a problem, after all I had been using many of my personal body products for years, now I am very grateful for his efforts.  It took a lot of time to figure out which products were potentially dangerous and look up replacement products.  We recognize that not everyone has that time, which is why we developed FACT to be a resource for families to get quick and thorough information on the toxic chemicals present in our everyday products.

Not long after my son was born, my husband and I were watching the news and a segment came on about lead in school drinking water.  We were both shocked and furious that a poisonous substance, which has horrible effects on children is present in school drinking water throughout the United States.  What also horrified us was the lack of public outrage and publicity surrounding this problem.  FACT seeks to educate communities about the dangers of lead in school drinking water and to help develop solutions so that families do not have to fear that their children are being poisoned at school.

Happy healthy baby boy and family.


Jennifer Mitchell, Founder

Jennifer recently left her position as a Legislative Assistant and Counsel to a United States Senator.  She is a licensed attorney and a former active-duty Air Force Judge Advocate (JAG) and current Reservist.  Jennifer’s passion is public policy and advocacy and while on the Hill was instrumental in moving legislation in the veteran and defense policy space. 

Jennifer is currently working on FACT and raising her son.  She is eager to use her legal and legislative skills to develop FACT.


Happy baby and daddy.

David Mitchell, Founder

David is currently an active-duty Air Force Judge Advocate (JAG).  David will be serving as an environmental law attorney in his next assignment after going to school for graduate study in environmental law.  Learning the environmental laws related to FACT’s mission will maximize the difference we can make in the lives of individuals, families and schoolchildren.

David is very concerned about the long-term effects of toxic chemicals and lead in children and the environment.  He is excited to work on legislative efforts to further FACT’s mission.